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  1. Issuetrak Release Notes

    Release notes for the latest version of Issuetrak.
  2. Issuetrak System Requirements

    System requirements for the latest release of Issuetrak.
  3. API Operations

  4. About the Dashboard

    The Dashboard is a user-specified display of At-A-Glance statistics regarding open issues. A user must have Dashboard permissions within their Menu Options / Pages Allowed to view the Dashboard. If Issue Classes are enabled, selecting a Cla...
  5. How to Use Tasks Groups for Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

    Many of our customers need help with controlling their onboarding and offboarding processes. What they find is that they do not have adequate control of the process to ensure that all steps are completed; this can result in a bad experience for new ...
  6. Dashboard Settings

    This sub-menu option allows you to define your personal Dashboard preferences. Below is a walkthrough of this screen from top to bottom: Select the Dashboard Panel you want to add to your Dashboard from the "Select a Panel" drop...
  7. About Site IDs

    A site ID is a unique identifier that is used to validate your license, as well as distinguishing each running instance of Issuetrak from all others. Additionally, site IDs are also used as a mechanism to distinguish production sites from test sites...
  8. Submitting Issues

    The process of creating and submitting an Issue can vary based on how your Issuetrak site is configured. To submit a new Issue: Click the New Issue button at the top of the left-hand menu. The Submit Issue screen will then appear. ...
  9. Issuetrak Terms of Service

    This is the landing page for the Terms of Service for all of our customers.
  10. Logging into Issuetrak

    With Single Sign-On (SSO) If Issuetrak has been configured with SSO, you should not normally be prompted for login credentials. If you do receive a login prompt with an Issuetrak site using SSO, use your credentials for your Organization'...