About Round Robin

Round Robin is a feature that takes each issue assigned to a group and re-assigns it to one of the group's members.  Round Robin is implemented as an attribute that can be turned on for groups. 

How does Round Robin work?

Once Round Robin is enabled on a group, the Round Robin functionality will assign incoming issues to the group members in alphabetical order of User ID, sorted A through Z.  When the end of the assignment list is reached, it will restart from the beginning. 

Group members that currently have an Out of Office calendar status will not be assigned issues.  Additionally, group members that do not have Active status will also not be assigned issues. 

What happens if none of the users in a Round Robin group are eligible to be assigned an issue?

In this scenario, all issues routed to the group will be placed in Unassigned status. 

How many Round Robin groups can I have?

There is no limit to the number of Round Robin groups. 

Where can Round Robin be used?

Round Robin can be used anywhere an issue assignment can be made.  This includes:

  • On an issue
  • Incoming Email
  • Auto Assignments
  • Recurring Issues
  • Quick Picks
  • Escalation Rules
  • API issue assignment
  • Mass Updates
  • Global Issue cascading

Group Eligibility for Round Robin

Round Robin is enabled as an attribute to a group.  In order to have the Round Robin attribute (and thereby use its features), a group must have:

  1. Active status
  2. Agents Only membership type
  3. Can be assigned issues permission

The Round Robin Assignments option will be visible on a group's Edit Group page when that group satisfies the three eligibility requirements above. 

How do I enable Round Robin for a group?


  1. Navigate to Administration > Groups.
  2. Click edit next to the desired group.
  3. Check the box next to Round Robin Assignments.
    • Don't see this option? Look at the Group Eligibility for Round Robin section above.
  4. Click Update.

You can see which groups have Round Robin enabled from the Groups List page.


Method 1:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Groups.
  2. Look for the Round Robin column in the list of groups.
    1. Groups with Y in the column have the attribute enabled.
    2. Groups with N in the column have the attribute disabled.
Method 2:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Groups.
  2. Next to Search On, change the dropdown to Round Robin Enabled.
  3. Click Search.