About the Calendar

The Calendar feature allows permitted users to schedule and post issue-related, informational, and Out of Office events on a shared Calendar within your site’s interface.

Issue-related events are displayed on both the Calendar and issue record. These items generally include an assigned user or Group, as well as Email Notifications and a Reminder to the assignee. Informational items (e.g. staff meetings, planned outages, company holidays, audits, etc.) are displayed only on the Calendar and generally do not include an assignee, Notifications, or Reminder.

Out of Office events (e.g. vacations, off-site appointments, etc.) are displayed on the Calendar and all Assigned To, Next Action, and Task Assigned To popup lists from an issue record. All of a user’s Pre-Defined Assignments (e.g. through any Auto Assignments, Quick Picks, Recurring Issues, or Escalation Rules) and/or Email Notifications can also be automatically re-routed to a different user or Group during an Out of Office event.

Only users with Calendar permissions can see the Calendar menu. Only users with Can view issues submitted by other users can see events added by other users or assigned to other users. Only users with Can Assign Issues can view and manage Out of Office events. Internal Only membership filters based on user Organization and/or Department also apply.


Filtering Events

It is possible to filter calendar events. In order to do this:

  1. Choose Calendar from the Home menu.
  2. Selecting from one of the following radio buttons:
  • Assigned To User
  • Created by User
  • Project (if Projects are enabled)
  • Organization
  • No Filter
  1. Enter a value in the adjacent field (if applicable).
  2. Click Apply Filter.