Working with the Task Manager

Task Manager is the mechanism for adding and maintaining Tasks and Task Groups in an issue, Recurring Issue or Quick Pick. The Task Manager is also used to build out workflows with process options that change issue values or trigger additional Task Groups to be added to the issue.  Your administrator must grant you the proper permissions to use this feature.

Task List

The Task List is displayed on issues where there are existing tasks. It consists of a summary list of Tasks with the Task Manager button on the left. If there are no existing tasks in an issue, this list will be blank and the Task Manager button will still appear on the left.

Tasks that are available and assigned directly to you or a group you have membership in will have actions available under the Completed column. If a task has no text in the Completed column, then the task is not available for you to complete.

Clicking the Task Manager button to the left will open the Task Manager in a popup window where the user with Can Edit Tasks permissions can Add, Edit, and Delete Tasks.

  • Clicking the up or down arrows next to a task will move that Task up or down in the list, allowing the user to arrange the order that the Tasks will be displayed.
  • Clicking the details button will put that Task in Details mode. This will display details about the Task directly in the list. Clicking the View Details icon a second time will put the Task back in Summary mode. This icon toggles between the two display modes for a Task.
  • Clicking the edit button will put that Task in Edit mode. This will display edit fields where the user can edit the details of a Task. The control icons for all other Tasks will not display while a Task is in Edit mode, and the control icons for the Task in Edit mode will change to Accept Changes, and Discard Changes. Also, the [Done], [Reset], and [New Task] buttons will be disabled while a Task is in Edit mode. The user must Accept Changes or Discard Changes to continue.
  • Clicking the del button will prompt the user with "Are you sure you want to delete the task titled ‘[Task Name]’?"
    If the user selects OK the Task will be deleted. If the user selects [Cancel] the Task will not be deleted.

Once in Edit mode on a specific Task, all other Tasks will be unavailable for editing until changes to the Task selected are discarded or accepted.

  • Clicking the Accept button will accept the changes the user has made to the Task and return the Task to Summary or Details mode (whichever mode it was in when the user clicked the Edit icon).
  • Clicking the Cancel button will discard any changes the user made to the Task and return the Task to Summary or Detailsmode (whichever mode it was in when the user clicked the Edit icon).

You must also click Save or Update accordingly on the main record, e.g. Issue, Recurring Issue, or Quick Pick, you are working in to retain the changes made to the Task or Task Group on the record.