About Projects

The optional Projects feature allows you to define key elements of a Project and associate issues to that Project. Attachments may also be added to a Project, allowing you to retain critical documents independent of issue-specific attachments. The Project Summary page presents certain users with up to the minute statistics on all open Projects in your system.

Project elements may include Project Status and Substatus, Percent Complete, Target Date, Required By Date, Estimated Hours, Actual Hours, Estimated Budget, Actual Budget, and Percent Complete. The system will calculate Variance in Hours and Variance in Budget.

User roles within a Project include:

  • Project Manager
  • Project Members
  • Project Email Distribution List Members above and beyond its Project Members

A Project may also be marked as Exclusive, allowing only Project Members to see the Project and its related issues. In this case, members of the Project Email Distribution List, the issue submitter, enterer, any task assignees, and administrative users will also be able to see the issues related to a Project, but not the Project record itself.


Related Permissions

  • Can access and maintain Administration functions determines which users will have administrative rights to the Projects menu from the Home Menu, as well as can select and maintain Project values in an issue (if the user also has Menu Options/Pages Allowed > Projects).
  • Can access and maintain all Projects determines which users will be granted administrative rights to the Projects menu. This also allows users to access all issues related to the projects they can see.
  • Menu Options/Pages Allowed > Projects determines which users will see the Projects menu but have read-only access to its content, as well as can select and maintain Project values in an issue.