Managing Surveys

The main survey page displays a list of all surveys. All surveys are always in one of three states: Design, Open, or Closed. When a survey is first created, it is in Design mode while the owner creates the survey. Once a survey is ready to launch, it is launched either by clicking on the Launch button on the main survey design page or by clicking the small OPEN button to the left of the survey on the survey list page.

Once a survey is launched, the status of the survey changes to Open.  A survey can be toggled between Open and Closed by using the small buttons to the left of each survey on the main list of surveys.

Note that a survey can be launched only if it contains at least one answerable question.                                                                                    

Once a survey is launched, it can be fully edited only when the survey does not have any responses. Once a single response is recorded for the survey, only limited modifications can be made to the survey. Editing the entire survey is no longer possible because changing the structure of a survey that has existing responses would cause the reporting to fail.

On the main list of surveys, a user can manage each survey using the buttons to the left and right of each survey in the list. From this page, the user can manage survey options, preview the survey, set the status of the survey, analyze the survey results, deploy a survey, and delete a survey.

Survey Options

The survey options page allows a survey creator to manage all of the administrative options associated with each survey.

Survey options
Survey Options
Title The title of the survey.
Template The template contains the look and feel information for the survey. Each template can be associated with more than one survey, but each survey can be associated with only one template.
Language The default language for the survey, which is used to assist the web browser in rendering the HTML.  While several languages can be chosen, only English is supported.
Status The status of the survey (Design, Open, or Closed).
Start Date The first date that users can enter responses to the survey.
End Date The last date that users can enter responses to the survey.
Respondent Access Level Set the desired security level based on a combination of single vs. multiple responses, login required vs. anonymous, and updateable vs. not updateable. Detailed descriptions of each security level are given on the options page.
Survey Completion Properties
Completion Action Set the desired action that should occur when a user completes the survey.
Completion Message The message that is displayed to the user at the end of a survey for actions that include a message.
Completion URL The URL to redirect or continue to, which is used for actions that redirect to another URL.
Navigation Properties
Back Button An option to display or hide the Back button on the survey.
Cancel Button The action to take when a user clicks the Cancel button while taking a survey.
Cancel Button URL The URL to redirect to if the user clicks the Cancel button while taking a survey.
Numbering Properties
Page Numbering This option sets the page numbering format, if page numbering is displayed.
Question Numbering This option sets the question numbering format.
Other Administrative Properties
Report Security Set the report security to High to enable access only to survey owners. Semi-private allows all users to view the overview results and only owners to view the individual results. Public allows all users to view all reports.
Maximum Responses The maximum number of responses for this survey. Leave blank for unlimited responses.
Responses per User For Multiple Response surveys only, enter the maximum number of responses per user. Leave blank for unlimited responses.
Days for Update The number of days during which a respondent may update their response. This option applies to respondent access levels that are updateable.
Owners The usernames for all owners of this survey. Each name should be separated with a semi-colon, and the logged-in user must include his/her name in the list.
Admin Email The email address for the administrator of the application.

Deploying Surveys

After creating and launching a survey, it can be deployed to users in one of the following ways:

  • Email Link: Surveys can be deployed by embedding a link to the survey in a web page.
  • Web Link: Surveys can be deployed by simply giving the users a link to the actual survey.
  • Popup Link: Surveys can be deployed by inserting a pop-up link in a web page. When a user clicks the link, a new window opens and displays the survey.
  • Email Messages: Surveys can be deployed by sending out messages to take the survey via email. Please refer to the section, “Email Messages,” for more information.

Sending a Survey Automatically

A survey may be sent out as each issue closes, when the Nth issue closes, or when issue values match criteria specified. The submitter for the issue will receive the survey invitation via email. This email will contain a link to the survey form.

To set up this functionality, select the Modules > Surveys > Settings menu option. You should have at least one survey created before beginning this process.

A survey can be set for all issues that are closed, all issues of a specific Class, Issue Type, Substatus, or Organization.  The option for selecting the frequency these surveys are sent can also be selected.

To edit the rules set for a survey click the edit link to the right of the survey, once the rules have been configured, click on Update to save the changes.

When the survey is completed the results of the survey are stored within Issuetrak. To view the results of the survey, navigate to Modules > Surveys > Work with Surveys, and next to the specific survey you want to see results for, click the purple arrow next to Results.

Specify default email text

Select Modules > Surveys > Invitations submenu option. Compose the message to be sent for your survey invitations. The token text << Link for survey response will be generated here >> appears in the body of the email as a placeholder. Position this text in the body of the email where you would like the survey link to appear. The actual link will be generated when the survey invitation is sent. No matter what customization you define –this text should not be removed– the link for the survey will not be in the survey invitation without it. When you are satisfied with your text, click the Save button.

Select a survey

When you have created one or more surveys, the List All menu option will display the Survey Summary screen (under the Surveys menu option). This screen displays all available surveys. Click the Add Rule link next to the survey(s) you wish to send automatically and select any criteria desired.

Specify when to send the survey

Options for determining when a survey will be sent are shown in the bottom portion of the Survey Rules screen. Simply set the Issue Interval value and other values (if appropriate) for when a survey should be sent. If you would like a survey to follow every closed issue, set Issue Interval to one and leave the other fields blank. To cancel automatic sending, set the interval to zero.

Sending a Survey to Multiple Users

By utilizing the User Search screen, a particular survey may be sent out to several users at once. Select the Search Users option from the Administration menu and enter the search criteria to return the set of users you would like to survey. Then select the Email Survey Invitations User List output option and click Search.

A screen allowing you to compose the survey invitation email message will be displayed. The Default Invitation Message defined in Surveys > Invitations will appear by default but can be modified from this screen for the invitation to the users returned in your User Search.

Choose the survey you would like to conduct and compose your email message placing the << Link for survey response will be generated here >> token where you would like the survey link to appear. The final link will be generated as the invitation is processed.

To view the list of users who will receive the survey invitation, click the View Search Results link.