Issuetrak Navigation

In Issuetrak there are three basic navigation menus:

  • Top Bar Navigation 
  • Left Side Navigation Menu
  • Left Side Sub Navigation Menu


Top Bar Navigation

The top bar shows above the area displaying the logos and the site title. It is typically the first thing you see when loading a browser window displaying Issuetrak. The top bar has information on both the left and the right sides. On the left side, you have three navigation menus.

Menu Option Functionality
Home This menu is always available.
Administration This menu is only available if you are a site Administrator. It opens site configuration options.
Modules This menu is only available if you have access to our Add-On Modules. This menu allows you to manage Asset Management, Surveys, and the Billing Module if your site is licensed to use these features. Otherwise this option does not appear.

The menus have a hover and a click option, allowing you to display the items on the Left Side Navigation Menu. Clicking the menu title will load the Left Side Menu. Hovering and clicking the option from the list will load the page you selected from the menu. This area will be your main gateway to working in Issuetrak.

The right side shows you some important information such as a search option. The search bar allows you to search for information in an Issue’s Subject, or load an Issue by its Number. In addition, there is a printer option to allow you to print a cleaned-up version of the page you are viewing, a circle with a question mark that opens the Issuetrak Help Center, and a gear icon if you are a System Administrator. This last icon opens the System Settings Sub Menu.


Left Side Navigation

Once you load the Left Side Navigation Menu by selecting the Top Bar Navigation or by loading the Home Menu after logging into the site, you will have a Top-Level Navigation Menu to allow you to select options to work with issues (Search and Submit) or to give you options to navigate to features in the site (Calendar and Knowledge Base). Options shown here will depend upon your access permissions and the configuration of the site by your Administrators.


Left Side Sub Navigation Menu

When some options are selected on the Left Side Navigation Menu, the menu will expand to open a sub-menu. In many cases, these sub-menus will grant you access to complete actions for the selected menu option (such as Edit and Assign Issue), or give you access to related features of the item you select (such as Reports, Summary Reports, and Saved Searches). In addition, some sub-navigation options will also open giving you additional selections depending on the setup of the site.

Remember: selections shown will vary according to how the site is configured and what permissions your Administrators have assigned to your User profile. Please explore your options and contact us if you have any questions!