Issuetrak Release Notes

Issuetrak 14.4 Open Authorization / OpenID Connect

release date: 9.21.2021

We are releasing Issuetrak 14.4 today, which introduces support for Open Authorization (OAuth) and OpenID Connect (OIDC) for the Identity Management area of the product. When enabled, this functionality makes it possible for your users to sign into your Issuetrak instance by clicking on a button on the login screen to (for example) "Sign in with Google".

Other highlights of this release are:

  • The removal of our dependency on the ASPSmartUpload.dll file
  • A new "User Defined Fields" data set for Report Writer
  • The addition of filtering to the Membership Organizations box, as well as paging to both "Available" and "Membership" Organization lists
  • Changes to the way our deployment tools treat new and existing instances of Issuetrak
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

What's New

Open Authorization (Oauth) and OpenID Connect (OIDC)

Open Authorization (Oauth) and OpenID Connect (OIDC) support has been added to the product. 

What does this mean?  This means that you can configure your Issuetrak instance to allow you to securely authenticate using credentials you may already be using elsewhere.  If you've ever seen a site's login screen that uses "Sign In With Google" or "Sign In With Twitter", etc., then that is what we're talking about.

Is that safe for us to do?  Just like with Active Directory (with SSL), Active Directory Federation Services, and Azure AD, the credentials you use with these other providers are never stored in the Issuetrak database, nor are they communicated without your provider's SSL encryption.  Listed below are a few authentication providers that you can configure with Issuetrak.  You'll see some pretty familiar names!

  • Google*
  • OKTA*
  • OneLogin*
  • Amazon Incognito
  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Microsoft
  • Twitter
  • Yahoo
  • And more!

* Configuration template included in Issuetrak


We have added filtering to the Membership Organizations box, as well as paging to both "Available" and "Membership" Organization lists.

Report Writer

We've added the "User Defined Fields" data set to the Report Writer.

What's Changed

Removal of ASPSmartUpload.dll

This DLL is a 32-bit dependency that has long been associated with all of the areas of our product that deal with attachments. Its removal is significant, as Issuetrak is no longer required to have 32-bit components.  It has given us room to adjust and improve the rest of the product to do things we couldn't before.  The immediate changes we're making with this release have to do with the Deployment Tools and Asset Management:

The Deployment Tools will...

  • longer stop application pools during upgrades.
  • longer deploy a 32-bit "Issuetrak Classic" application pool upon new installation of the product.
  • ...redirect users to a "Your site is currently being upgraded" page during upgrade downtime (subject to the installation of the HTTP Redirection module for IIS). 
  • deploy a single 64-bit "Issuetrak Main" application pool for both the MVC and Classic applications to reside in.

Asset Management

  • The product behavior has been changed so that manually-imported TrakPC XML files are deleted after processing.  This is a change of behavior, wherein we previously retained XML files on the web server.
    • This will happen regardless of whether the audit import succeeded. 
    • TrakPC XML files that were residing in the Issuetrak web folder prior to upgrade will remain untouched.

User Interface

Issues opened from a Dashboard Issue list will now open in a new tab instead of the existing window. 

What's Fixed

Add New Caller

  • The "Can Log In" checkbox was still checked on the Add New Caller pop-up when "Can Log In" was unchecked for new users on the System Defaults page. 
  • Incorrect results were displaying for the Add New Caller popup after selecting an Organization on the Submit Issue screen
  • The Time Zone field was not pre-populating on the Add New Caller pop-up for the Submit Issue Screen.
  • The following fields were not pre-populating on the Add New Caller pop-up for the Submit Issue Screen when the fields already had a value entered:
    • Last Name
    • Display Name
    • Organization


The "Location" field wasn't correctly filtering the type-ahead results when the user performing the action was in an internal organization and a Location in the same organization. 


Customers hosting Issuetrak with a version of SQL Server prior to 2016 were unable to update any user's organization from the Edit User Profile screen, as no organizations would be listed. 


When completing a task, the user would experience a refresh of the current issue's screen that did not take them back to the Task Manager section.

Upgrade Process


  • If you are an on-premises customer, you can learn more about the upgrade process here.
  • Before installing this update, please verify that your installation environment meets the latest system requirements.
  • You can get the latest version of Issuetrak here.
  • If you utilize the Issuetrak RESTful API, it will be automatically updated when you upgrade Issuetrak.


If you are a cloud customer, you can receive this update as needed to address reported issues and to assist with troubleshooting. Otherwise, the upgrade will be applied for you automatically to ensure the best possible Issuetrak experience. 

You may request the update for your site by: