New Articles

  1. About Site IDs

    A Site ID is a unique identifier that distinguishes a running instance of Issuetrak from all others. Additionally, it is used to distinguish production sites from test sites: Production sites and test sites require different site IDs. You will ...
  2. About Google Application Integration

    This article will show you the steps that are necessary to enable Google API authentication and add the newly-generated information to Issuetrak to allow it to process incoming and outgoing email via your Gmail account.
  3. Total / Adjusted Time Open

    This article explains how Issuetrak calculates the "Total/Adjusted Time Open Mins" via the value stored in the database.
  4. How to clear browser cache and storage

    If you are experiencing login issues you may need to reset your browser state or storage, please reference the steps below. Steps: Internet Explorer (for Issuetrak versions 12.9 or older) : Go to Tools (Gear icon in the top...
  5. Using Google App Passwords with a Gmail IEM Account

    For security reasons, Google will deprecate support for using basic authentication (which relies on your Google account's username and password) with third-party applications when using their Gmail service on May 30, 2022. It is therefore n...
  6. Linking Issues

    When using Issuetrak, you might recognize a need to have multiple issues linked to each other for various reasons.
  7. Baby Steps: Creating a Simple Zapier Integration

    This article will describe how you can create some simple zaps using Issuetrak and Zapier.
  8. Using Zapier with Issuetrak

    This article describes what is needed to get your instance of Issuetrak working with Zapier. Ensure that you are on the Correct Version of Issuetrak If your Issuetrak instance is hosted in the cloud by Issuetrak, then you do not need to...
  9. API v2 Overview

    The purpose of this article is to assist you with getting started using API v2 specifically from the server side of things, which includes deployment, logging, rate limiting, and troubleshooting.
  10. Firewall Exceptions for Use With Issuetrak's Hosted Service

    Depending on your use of Issuetrak and your company’s security systems, you may need to allow connection exceptions to and from Issuetrak’s public infrastructure to ensure connectivity. Below you’ll find a list of public IP address...