Configuration and Training with JumpStart

The JumpStart program provides personalized consultation on the best way for you to set up and configure your site. Issuetrak’s trainers will ask questions about intended usage and business goals, then guide you through the site’s pages offering Best Practices advice and detailed explanations of the features of the application. The JumpStart is conducted in 2-hour sessions with objectives and homework given at the end of each session. The topics covered are determined by your needs. The total number of sessions depends on the number of hours you have purchased.


Session One

Our consultants begin by becoming familiar with what you need from Issuetrak. We have found that we get a better understanding of what you want to do by asking you questions directly. We then use that discussion to guide the configuration of your site. This includes which features and structural entities are needed and what values should be input. 

Structural Entities
Organizations (required) 𐄂
Departments 𐄂
Locations 𐄂

Users & Groups

Everyone that interacts with Issuetrak is considered a user. It doesn't matter whether that person is sending an email or logging into the system, they are still a user. What that user has the ability to do is controlled by their designation (Agent or End User) and permissions. Permissions are granted primarily by membership in a Group.

Users - individual user records ( Agent or End User) 𐄂
Groups - groups of users with similar permissions, roles, or needs in the system. 𐄂
Active Directory (import/map) 𐄂

Issue Types & Subtypes

Every issue is required to have a Type. You do have the option to turn on additional levels of subtypes to further define your Types. Your types provide a way to categorize your information.

Types 𐄂
Subtypes (optional) 𐄂


Once the above values are entered, you have the ability to start putting in Issues and testing the basics of your system. Log in as different Users to look at how Permissions control the look of the page, as well as whether there may be any visibility concerns. Submit a couple of Issues and make sure they contain the values you need.

System Settings

To round out the first session, your trainer will walk you through the System Settings portion of the Administration menu. Many of these items are “one-time-only” settings, but you may want to revisit these in the future at your convenience.

Add-On Modules 𐄂
System Defaults 𐄂
Site Appearance 𐄂
Mobile Settings 𐄂
Email Settings 𐄂
Password Policy 𐄂
Menu Options 𐄂
Security Options 𐄂


Additional Sessions

Depending on the number of sessions you have purchased, your trainer will walk you through all of the rest of the features of the application. They will focus on the ones that you will need to set up to meet your goals. The focus will be on installing at least one of your work processes from start to finish.

Issue Templates & Process Management

Quick Picks allow you to create your own predefined Issue templates for easy submission of common items. You can also schedule recurring Issues to populate automatically on a schedule. Both of these can use Task Groups to kick off a Process or Workflow.

Quick Picks 𐄂
Recurring Issues 𐄂
Task Groups 𐄂

Additional Features that might be discussed in additional sessions.

Causes 𐄂
Classes 𐄂
Priorities 𐄂
Solutions 𐄂
Substatus 𐄂
User-Defined Fields 𐄂
Auto Assignments 𐄂
Substatus Rules 𐄂
Escalation Rules 𐄂
SLAs 𐄂
Audits 𐄂
Projects 𐄂
Unassigned Queue 𐄂
Calendar 𐄂
Knowledge Base 𐄂
Submit 𐄂
Lookup # 𐄂

Additional Modules that might be discussed in additional sessions.

Billing 𐄂
Surveys 𐄂
Asset Management 𐄂

Reporting Options that might be discussed in additional sessions.

Dashboard 𐄂
Search 𐄂
Summary Reports 𐄂
Report Writer Query Builder 𐄂
Report Writer Reports 𐄂
Scheduled Reports 𐄂

After the first session, your trainer will determine what features will be covered in each session. This allows you to learn at your own pace and to use our experience to assist you in setting up your site.

The goal of Issuetrak consulting is to make sure you get the most out of your Issuetrak implementation. Because your company is unique, your account manager can discuss which consulting options will work best for you. Or you can reach out directly to the Professional Services team.