Assets and Issues


When submitting an issue, it is possible to associate an asset item with an issue, and also to search for issues associated with an asset item.

More Information

Associate Users with Asset Items

When adding an asset item (or editing an item that was created from an automated audit), you have the ability to associate a user with that item. If “Assign Asset if matching user found” is selected in Asset Management Setting, the system will automatically associate an asset to a particular user if the Issuetrak User ID is the same as the ‘Login Name” returned in an audit.

Associate Issues with Asset Items

When Asset Management is activated, the Asset field appears on the Issue Submit screen. You can click on the search icon next to the field, and select an asset item. This function associates the item with the issue.

If the “Default Item for Issues?” checkbox is checked on the asset item record, then when that user enters an issue, the default asset will automatically pre-fill in the asset field of the issue submit screen.

Search Issues by Asset Item

The Search Issues screen allows you to search issues for a particular asset item. Using the search icon, choose the item and enter any other criteria as well, such as a date range. The system will produce a list of issues that meet the criteria specified.

Applies To:

Issuetrak 9.9+