Searching Assets

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The Search Assets menu option provides a wide variety of ways to locate specific asset items from very broad to very narrow searches. When this option is selected, you will be presented with a query screen offering many asset item-related criteria fields to define your search. Fill in as many or as few of these fields as you like. The more fields you fill in, the narrower your search becomes.

The search selections offered allow you to locate asset items by item-related criteria such as inventory number, installation date, asset location, etc.; by user-related criteria such as Organization or Department, Issuetrak Locations, items assigned to a particular person, etc.; and also by date-related criteria such as Purchased Date and Installed Date. This type of criteria includes date ranges and specific time periods (i.e., Last Month or This Year). Take a moment to experiment with the useful search capabilities of Asset Management.

Asset Management > Search Assets also provides sort options for your searches. You can control the order in which records display by selecting up to three sort values. The records returned will be displayed on the screen according to the values you select from the sort lists.

The Output Options gives you two choices. The search results can appear as a Web page, or the search results can be output as an Excel spreadsheet. With the second option, you can bring your data into other packages for reporting and analysis purposes.

You also have the ability to request only a count of the number of records that meet the criteria you specify. To return an item count only, click the Count Only check box located at the bottom of the search screen.

The Active Items Only checkbox will be checked by default. You can uncheck this option to include Inactive assets in your search results.

Lookup Asset by #

This menu option is a quick way to locate and view an item if you know the Asset Number. Simply click the Lookup Asset by # option on the Assets menu, input the Asset Number, and click the Lookup Item button. The item record will display.

Applies To:

Issuetrak 9.9+